Restless Soul

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The ocean calms

my restless soul



- celluloid acetate earring

-17mm gold plated over stainless steel post

***nickel and lead free***



Here at IndigoMuse we want to be sure that your piece has a long life. Here are a few tips to ensure that:

▪Because some items are plated you want to be sure to always remove jewelry before getting into the shower or jumping into the water. Never wear in a chlorine or salt water.

▪ Don't wear jewelry when working out as the salt in sweat can break down the plating. 

▪ Always remove jewelry before applying sunscreen, moisturizers or oils. 

▪ Please be gentle with your jewelry. If your item breaks from being tugged on, has caught on something or any other physical damage, that is not a reflection of IndigoMuse

 ▪ Always store your jewelry in a safe place where it will be free of tangling and knotting.

▪ Raw brass items will oxidize over time and can easily be cleaned and restored.

▪ Cotton and artificial silk tassels can become unruly at times.  Comb them to keep them looking their best.