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Live as if you are a rainbow with gold at both ends


  • Material: Recycled brass
  • Finishing: 16k Gold plating and Rhodium plating
  • Titanium post



Proper care of your jewelry will extend its life, and we want your babes to be around for a long time. Here are some simple tips to help you keep them looking amazing.

▪ Always remove jewelry before getting into the shower or jumping into the water. Never wear in chlorine or salt water.

▪ Always remove jewelry before applying sunscreen, moisturizers or oils. 

▪ Try not to play with your jewelry while wearing it. The natural oils in your skin will start to wear down the plating.

▪ Be gentle and store in a safe place where it will be free of tangling and knotting.

▪ Raw brass items will oxidize over time and can easily be cleaned and restored.

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