Delivery Delay & COVID-19

Due to the current pandemic, some things have changed with our shipping and delivery policies.


Our shipping provider is Canada Post and they are continuing to provide protocols to ensure the safety of your delivery. At this moment, they cannot guarantee any specific window for delivery and neither can we. We will continue to update this page, as they update theirs. Delivery can take up to 6-8 weeks. Please review our shipping policy here


The health, safety and well being  of everyone around us is our top priority, and because of that we have put in new measures to keep everyone safe. 
Here is a small list of what we are doing:
Work stations are santitized before and after each and every use
All pieces are sanitized before they are assembled
Nitrile gloves and a mask are worn while making and packaging the items
All packaging is wiped down before being shipped out
We want to thank everyone for their continued business during these times and wish you all a safe day!