Hey! Hello! Aloha! Bonjour! Salut! Hola! Salve! Guten Tag!

Wherever you are from, hello and welcome to our Brand Ambassador page! I am guessing you came here because the idea of working with a brand excites you and you really want to learn more.  Well, here are all the deets!

We are currently looking for FIVE brand ambassadors to rep our jewelry line.  What this means is:

* You will receive one FREE product a month of your choosing 

* You will receive a promo code just for you for future purchases

* You will receive a promo code for your followers, friends and family

So what do we want in return?

* Photos of you living life in your jewelry

* An Instagram story here or there (maybe an unboxing?)

* Communication

* Embody our Good Vibe Tribe motto


All sounds pretty good right!?  

So how do you apply? Well again, we are only looking for FIVE ambassadors at this time, so the application process is pretty intense. Like super intense. Like... holy smokes get ready intense...

Send us a message letting us know why you would be a great candidate and what Good Vibe Tribe means to you! (Yah I know easy peasy, but scaring you was kinda fun!) Please also include all of your social media links so that we can check you out and get to know you. 

This is also very important...


We care about how you embody our motto and how you engage with people around you.

Also, this is completely unpaid. As a business that is under a year old we are currently at the point where we are still broke (haha, no seriously... it takes a lot to start a business), but want to get the word out there and spread the love!

So get to thinking, head over to the contact page and tell us a story of why we should pick you. 

Creativity and humour are also bonuses!

 DEADLINE is June 111th at 12pm PST. Ambassadors will be announced on July 1!

**Must be 18 years old or older**

**Social media must be public, not private**

**No business pages please, mainly because I want it to be YOU being an ambassador ♥️**

 **Only open to North America at this time** (hoping for worldwide in the future!)